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Resident Evil Bukkake by REIQ

Hentai by REIQ

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We all know that zombie killin’ is a tough, stressful job, so is it any surprise that at the end of the day Claire Redfield wants nothing more than to put away her guns, relax on her bed and enjoy herself?  In this fantastic original art by Jiggly Girls’ REIQ, Redfield finds herself in the center of a bukkake storm as no fewer than four guys, ahem, shower her with affection.

REIQ’s unique style is plain to see, from the high quality of the art itself to the fantastic image he’s captured.  Claire’s exaggerated tits strain against a tight, shiny top, and her gloved hand gently pulls her panties to the side to reveal a tight, shaved pussy, all of it covered in a superhuman volume of sticky cum.

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